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$75.00 Per Month
$750.00 Per Year

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Status: For Lease

Type: Website

Industry: Home Renovations

Registered: 1st February 2007

Domain Age: 13 Years Old

Keywords: Kitchen & Benchtop

Traffic: 1200 Uniques Per Month

Pageviews: 2500 Avg Per Month

PageRank: 3

BackLinks: 50

Monetization: Lead Generator

Kitchen Benchtops is up for Lease

If you are a countertop installer, small kitchen company, then this might be the website for you. We no longer supply benchtops or splashbacks to the industry. The domain and website have been a valuable part of our previous business life. Over the years it has produced a lot of kitchen benchtop leads.

We would change all the contact details on the website to your business contact details. We supply hosting for the domain, either in Australia, Europe or the USA, we could negotiate if it is preferable to have the site hosted in your country of residence.

We would be willing to modify the Logo to introduce your business name. Something below the existing Logo, Kitchen Benchtops by Your Business Name.

We can create email addresses and/or forwarders to your business email. This allows you to receive all business leads personally. They don’t go through us.

Some details

Kitchen Benchtops is a 2 word domain. Very common usage in Australia, The domain is 13 Years old, runs on the latest wordpress, php and mariadb.

All plugins and themes are owned and full versions and have the ability to be updated as well. A full list is available.

Some of the keywords this website ranks for is Kitchen benchtops, corian benchtops. formica benchtops, and many more. From a peak of 3000+ visits per month when we were running our business to an average of 1200 visits currently per month. With new content this will increase again,

What do you get for your lease?

  • 13 Year old domain (register 1st February 2007)
  • Ability to add new content.
  • Delete old content (we have a backup)
  • Change all the contact details to your business details.
  • Change the forms so the leads go direct to your email accounts.
  • Hosting website, emails, images and other media.
  • Current content is either our copyright or we have express permission to use the content/images.
  • Link to your current business website (only as long as other conditions are met).
  • We can currently host the website in Australia, Europe and the USA. *1

What can’t you do with the domain

  • Own the domain.
  • Own the current content.
  • Sub-lease the domain and/or website.
  • Send spam emails.
  • Send illegal, threatening, fake emails or messages.
  • Host pornographic, illegal and/or immoral content.
  • Add malicious code to the website and/or server.
  • Use the domain for any phishing exercises.
  • Link to pornographic, illegal and/or immoral websites and APP’s
  • Sell links on KitchenBenchtops.com or any subdomains.

If you aren’t technically inclined we can also provide add your new content, as well.

What’s is it worth to lease a website and domain.

The initial lease period would be 6 months, as adding your business details and keeping the site looking good will take some time and costs. After the initial lease period, you could a set a long term or monthly lease.

Included in the lease are the following. These costs are included in the lease.

  • Website Hosting
  • Daily Backups
  • Email server
  • Website Theme
  • Website Plugins
  • Admin Section
  • Daily Statistics


Hosting is ample enough that if you need we can also host a private 10GB cloud for your business, the cloud would allow you to access your files from all your computers, android/iOS phones and tablets. From anywhere you have access to the internet.


As an extra added bonus we had a Quick Quote spreadsheet made for us that given the correct data can give a quote for a benchtop in seconds. We could add your data to the quick-quote and have you up and running with it. Imagine, just add sizes, edges, and the price for all your brands of benchtop will appear instantly. The pricing can include various other incidental costs such as corner connecting bolts and materials.

  1. As a hosting company we can look at hosting the website in most countries, let us know which country you would like it hosted in.
There are so many videos on youtube showing you how to do just about anything you want with WordPress. There are just a many if not more websites with written explanations as well.
WordPress has one of the largest range of themes, plugins, builders and various other add-ons. You can virtually do anything with it, there are so many interfaces with Payment Gateways and Supplier Gateways, your choice is unlimited.
Admin Section
WORDPRESS ADMIN, is an excellent Admin Section developed over many years, allows uploading and editing images for new products.
Free Hosting
Free hosting on one of our Servers, either USA, Europe or Australia, if you need it hosted in another country talk to us we may be expanding our range of servers. Of course if you want to host it on your servers that is also an option.
Free Domain Registration
The domain will be registered each year, so you don't have to worry about that expense.
Unlimited Bandwidth
If you keep the hosting with us we have unlimited 1GBps bandwidth so you'll never run out nor spend any extra on additional bandwidth.
SEO Friendly
As one of the most used CMS's on the internet Wordpress is very SEO out of the box and even more so if you use a plugin.
Responsive Website
A very responsive website, it can be easily used on Mobile Phones, iPads, Notebooks, Laptops and Computers without any modification from you.
High Security
As one of the most used CMS's in the world, WordPress has the ability to find and manage software bugs in very quick time.
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